Do you require the services of a Process Server in Toronto? Do you need to file court papers, retrieve sensitive documents, or deliver legal notifications?

You are in luck! Here at Canadian Process Servers (CPS), we can do all that and more.

All of our CPS process servers are diligently trained and fully certified for Process Serving in Canada.

We are a professional process server team and that is reflected in the manner in which we conduct our business.

Since its foundation, Canadian Process Servers has been an integral part of the process serving industry. We are part of a long established tradition of serving the legal community as well as the private sectors of the Greater Toronto Area.

We offer the fastest, and most reliable process serving service in all of Canada, and do so with utmost commitment to making sure that the law is observed, upheld, and respected.

If you need the prompt execution of your documents, our private process servers can guarantee it is done, with care and discretion.


Canadian Process Servers


When you hire Canadian Process Servers in Toronto, you get access to our extended staff of licensed professionals who substantiate and adhere to the highest industry standards and ethics.

From the simplest process notification, to high-priority hard serves, we have the right person for the job.

When you choose our services you choose spotless reputation, unrivaled efficiency, and steadfast commitment to your legal needs.

We take great pride in being an integral part of Toronto’s Elite process servers.

Our goal is to help you and make your legal and judicial processes be more efficient.

Whether you need to deliver Summons, Notices, Writs, Subpoenas, Petitions, or any other type of judicial documents, know that you can count on Canadian Process Serving agency CPS.



Process Service


Our Professional Process Servers will serve your legal documents on the respondent(s) in fast, reliable and efficient manner. We will process your request to serve the documents with 3 attempts. After serving we will mail or email a notarized affidavit of service immediately to you. Our rate are competitive .

We have served hundred court papers throughout Canada. When it comes to serving legal documents, we go above and beyond for our clients.

We can serve the hardest-to-serve or evasive individuals.

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Court Filing


After we serve your legal documents successfully on the respondent(s), next is to complete an affidavit of service (AOS) or proof of service — which will be taking to the courthouse that issued the documents for “Court filing.

The Court clerk receives the Proof of service and files under your file name or number.

We provide Court Filing service for a fee, although the price is heavily dependent on the location where the document is to be filed.

We provide same day or next day court filing service if needed.

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Skip Tracing


If the the phrase “Skip Tracing” might not be a familiar term to you.

Skip Tracing  is the art and science of locating a person that has “skip’d” (absconded) for the purpose of either serving them with legal documents that are important to your legal proceedings.

When you are unable to find or locate a respondent that is involved in a legal proceeding so as to serve them with court papers, Skip Tracing becomes necessary in other to locate the person.

Skip tracing can either be conducted by searching through

1) Ministry’s database or

2) other methods used by Private Investigators.


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