Understanding the Benefits of Hiring a Canadian Process Server


Canadian process serving has long been used as a service around the country, yet the term “process server” is still unfamiliar to a lot of people, especially those who are not in legal or business.


The role of process servers are invaluable, however, because they perform several crucial tasks like filing documents, due diligence searches, serving of legal documents and skip tracing.


Who is a Canadian process server?


A Canadian process server is basically a professional who is employed to serve legal documents like summons, subpoenas, restraining orders and divorce papers usually to the defendant of a court case.


Legal documents may be served by personal service where the process server Toronto personally visits the address of the defendant or by ordinary service where the court documents are served through email, fax or mail.


What is the significance of process serving?


Canadian process serving is significant in many ways, but its primary goal would be to ensure that the due process of law is implemented in the country.


Process servers are held with high regard because they are responsible for serving legal documents in a professional manner. Without proper service, the court wouldn’t be able to move through a case without the involved person being made aware about it.


What are the benefits of hiring a process server?


As an organization, it’s beneficial to hire process servers because:

  • They are familiar with Canadian federal and provincial law requirements. Process servers are not just mere messengers. They also have to follow certain rules in process serving, which means that they can be relied on to help their clients make the right decisions when it comes to serving legal documents.
  • They make the court process a little easier. Going through a court case is already stressful and exhausting even for lawyers. So, having someone to take away some of that burden can really be beneficial.

Process servers already know what they need to do to locate the defendant and serve him the documents. They will help you save time while ensuring that due process is followed.

  • They are efficient at what they do. Most process servers have a private investigator license and are under oath to be unbiased to everyone.

When you hire a Canadian process server, you are guaranteed the best level of service from someone who can skillfully look for people who are running away from their subpoenas or summons.

  • They can give valuable advice to you because they have the legal background and experience to help you get through the steps of a court case more easily.

They can also guarantee that no court order violations will be made throughout the process of serving the document to the defendant.


In such an important task like handling a court case, having the right advice and help can really make a huge difference to what could be a stressful part of your job. Process servers are skilled at what they do and they can guarantee efficiency every time.


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Our Professional Process Servers will solve all your Process Serving needs. We can help to serve your court papers, subpoenas, summonses, divorce papers, small claims, among others


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Our Professional Process Servers will solve all your Court Filing needs. We can help to file your court papers i.e. Affidavit of Service (AOS), with the court clerks in any courthouse across Canada.

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Are you looking to serve your legal documents? Our Professional Process Servers can help to serve your court papers on the respondents anywhere across Canada.

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